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Just had a terrible experience flying with Thomson. I found them obsessed only with profit and passenger convenience, comfort or interests didn't even appear on Thomson's radar. Our flight out to Gran Canaria was delayed for five hours. This was due to a plane not appearing and causing major delays for the rest of the day.

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We were not informed of this known fact prior to turning up at the check-in desk. Had they informed us of this prior to that, we would have turned up later, at a more convenient time to actually check in. The worst of it though was another plane developing a fault on the runway at Las Plamas returing home.

Sitting around well after the 1am scheduled flight time, we were informed that 59 passengers had to volunteer to leave the plane and would be provided with a flight to Bournemouth and then bussed up to the original destination of Manchester. Can you imagine having to make the decision to stay on the plane you'd originally booked or flying instead to an airport more than miles from your chosen destination?

We were then all taken off the plane and asked individually to consider taking the alternative flight and basically lied to that if we decided to stay, our scheduled flight 'may not take off'. In other words, we were being asked to make a big gamble.

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Of course, the flying waitresses refused to be amongst that number as this would have 'been against company regulations'! I hate that kind of pathetic mantra but we kept getting it from them. Several things we did not get from them. A meal, drinks, comfort in the incredibly stingy seat-pitch; easily the smallest in my experience. Eventually, our 1am flight incredibly inconvenient as it is took off after 4am back to Manchester and I'd love to know how the 59 passengers persuaded to go to Bournemouth got on and what time they eventually arrived back.

They were 'promised' they would be back at 1pm but I fali to see how that could logistically happen. All in all, Thomson have lost any credibility they hope to have in my mind as I find them disreputable, profit-driven and they have no concept of customer service. A horrible, mealy-mouthed charlatan company who have unreliable, dangerous airplanes flying for them. I am a little bemused by your posting. Was passengers going to make the plane safe to fly???

I can sympathize with the ordeal what you went through but its all about trying to make things it a little easier for yourselves when you go away. What i do is always check if the flight has set off on time from which ever airport it is coming from,ie:If you are returning to Manchester ,obviously its bringing passengers out from that airport, so you check on Manchester airport departures.

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Flew with Thompsons in Sept,to Tenerife. Return flight home the same plus a six hour delay ,but to me that was acceptable ,better safe thanj sorry imo Once we flew with Airtours on the flight home from GC ,24 hour delay due to a part had gone wrong for night flying ,again better safe than sorry ,luckily though ,Airtours flights were then subcontracted out to Dutchbird who after 1 hour delay moved us to the Aueropuerto hotel at the side of Atlantico Shopping centre in Vecendario ,a fantastic hotel ,Dutchbird were quick to act once they realised what the problem was.

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Again imo better safe than sorry ,but though not a problem for us ,but i did feel sorry for those with children that had basically spent up ,and for those who had medical conditions ,and those missing there back to work dates. So hope fully you will get something but it wont be much due to the deemed shortness of the delay.

We usually fly with Thomson because we only live 10 minutes from Doncaster airport and we love the canaries, but after our last holiday to Lanzarote 2 months ago, we will be flying with other operators!! They have gone so downhill in the past few years, the customer service aboard the return flight was disgusting. After queueing for ages at the gate for a plane that they say was late arriving, but we could see the plane and Knew exactly how it had been sitting there! Then, we had to wait over an hour and a half before the drinks trolley got us, they just couldn't be bothered!

I dont know how people cope in the ordinary seats, we always pay extra for extra legroom as we are both 6 feet plus, and even those seats dont give massive room. Sorry to hear about your experience it doesn't sound very good Its constant sell, sell, sell! They have seen how low cost airlines make money and are following suit. It's a means to get from a to b and essentially now a glorified bus! I've had good and bad experiences with thomson, thomas cook and old first choice-they're all the same! I just go with the cheapest that has the most suitable flight times and airport for me, i take an extra book or my ds instead of the planes entertainment that has never been great anyway!

At least with thomson you get 20kg of luggage instead of thomas cook's 15kg! All airlines are as bad as each other and even long haul is not much better. Thomson Fly are probably one of the worst, but I would still fly with them if offered the cheapest flight.

Im off with RyanScare in February. It'll be cramped, dirty and uncomfortable but after 4 hours I will end up in the sun or cloud knowing my luck! Sorry, but your flight is no longer available or the flight times may have changed. Please check over available flights. Would you consider having 2 villas. For the latest FCO advice please refer to www.

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