HexHead , Nov 1, I've bought several blue label guns with GSSF coupons at a local dealer and never a problem. Supply is the only hold back. You just get on their list and wait until they get the one you want. The last one took almost 6 months.

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Buzznrose , Nov 1, Joined: May 25, Messages: While not a permanent privilege unless retired, stating honorably discharged doesn't get privileges is not accurate. When you enlist, the initial term is for 8 years. Your time between signing, your active duty, and the remaining time all count towards that 8 years.

That is so you can be called back to duty if needed. Even with the tax savings, they are still considerably more expensive. Every now and again they'll sell a display model to the general public for the LE discount price. I think it's pretty sorry that all vets don't qualify. Vets who were deployed and saw combat don't get the discount but guys who retired after a career in the rear do?

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JustinJ , Nov 4, JustinJ , Nov 5, The Blue Label program belongs to Glock. It's theirs to run as they see fit. ClangClang , Nov 5, Just not as good of a deal.

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I guess we'll see. Kepp up the good work! Sorry for the ignorance guys, but this is still a way to get a very decent deal on a new Glock, correct? Sounds like this will still be about the cheapest you'll get a Glock brand new Are you nuts, have you seen what some of these shops charge for a new Glock?

Some are more then that. If anyone has one of these certs that they can't afford to use, I want to buy my Dad a G19 for his birthday in a few weeks. We could work out a deal maybe?

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PM me if interested. I understand that. But some people don't have access to these type of deals. ETA: I'm not trying to argue, that better deals can't be found. I'm just saying that the GSSF program is still a deal.

Is there a coupon for buying a Glock?

Just not as good as it is now. I think it's great that being a member allows you to get a discounted Glock but the real purpose of GSSF is shooting. But i'm sure 'most' purchase that membership for the discount.

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